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Summary and Index

The world of Amazon Advertising is large, complex and ever changing. We’ve attempted to summarise all the key elements of Amazon Sponsored Products Advertising into multiple articles. In each article we try to provide a short summary that you can implement immediately as well as a detail breakdown explaining our reasoning.

You can use the following article as an Index. If you read through each help article mentioned below, you should be very well equipped to effectively manage PPC campaigns on Amazon.

Trendle’s automation engine is probably the most powerful that currently exists in the market. It enables you to make nearly unlimited different changes to your campaigns based on the data generated by Amazon. You can do  simple changes such as making a keyword negative or changing bid prices. But you can also create complex rules to move keywords around different campaigns and ad groups.

Please read each guide in order

  1. The basics to advertising on Amazon
  2. Bidding and Placement strategies
  3. Our best practice guide to Amazon Sponsored Products
  4. Know your profitability!
  5. Introduction to Trendle’s advanced automation rule creator
  6. Automation: Example rules to get you started
  7. Automated Bidding using Trendle Automation
  8. Automated Keyword & Search Term changes using Trendle Automation
  9. Automated Campaigns (coming soon!)
  10. Strategies

Additional articles with more information on PPC advertising on Amazon and how to use Trendle Analytics:

    1. Blog: How to Set Up an Automated Amazon PPC Campaign?
    2. Blog: How to Manage an Automated Amazon PPC Campaign?
    3. Blog: Analysis of different Automated PPC Scenarios and what Levers you have to improve them
    4. Summary of all automation rules that can be used and personalised
    5. Choosing the right metrics for your rules
    6. Our thoughts on Automatic Campaigns
    7. How to create custom automation rules (coming soon!)
    8. Recommendations
    9. Performance table guide
    10. Product Costs
    11. Making changes to your Keywords & Search Terms
    12. Buffer period
    13. Weighted ACoS
    14. Automation error log
    15. How does Trendle auto-adjust bids to achieve target acos?
    16. Change history
    17. Stop Rule Setting
    18. Define Specific Applicable Match Type per rule
    19. Future functionalities


Get started now with Step 1 “The basics to advertising on Amazon”!

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