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Here are the criteria that we’re using to define a “Good Search Term” and a “Bad Search Term”. This is a more generic few on Search Term performance which allows you to get started straight away at improving your Sponsored Products campaigns performance.

  1. Bad Search Terms
    If [0 orders] AND [1,000+ imps] AND a [CTR below 0.50%]
    If [0 orders] AND [3+ clicks] AND a [CTR below 0.50%]
    If [0 orders] AND [5000 Imp]
    If [0 orders] AND [6 clicks]

Recommendation: Negative Exact

  1. Good Search Terms
    If Order 1+
    If CTR higher than 0.50%

Recommendation: Transfer as Keyword

You can set your own recommendations by going to “Recommendations” and setting up your own rules

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